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 We have a crafty family, and we are pretty much all entrepreneurs in one way or another.  I'm happy to share my family's shops with you!  I hope you enjoy their creations as much as I enjoy having them for my family.

My middle daughter's jewelry shops (she's also the one who puts together my website and keeps it updated):

{Jules} - sweetly whimsical handcrafted jewelry with meaning

Little Girl's Pearls - heirloom keepsake pearl jewelry for girls of any age

My oldest daughter's jewelry shop:

Katie Carrin - beautiful artisan crafted sea glass jewelry with gemstones and pearls

My youngest daughter, wife and grandsons sell their goodies here:

Whimsy Kisses - artisan crafties nifties and vintage goodies for your home and family.

Turning Wood into Treasured Keepsakes.

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Jules | Little Girls' Pearls | Whimsy Kisses | KatieCarrin

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